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Forms game

The cow game…

and the truck game.


Synchronized skating.


Hover the mouse through the holes in the cheese.


Rocking horse. Timeless!

Swing with 2 seats.

balançoire (2) recadrée


LOCOMOTIVE (recadrée)



Spinning top circuit

Turn the top to the starting zone, slant the board so that it moves forward in the longest possible channel.

Same game but with a marble.

Maze with holes

Place the marble at the start. Move it by turning the wheels on the side. Follow the path to the end without letting the marble fall into the holes.

Spinning top & marble game

Put the six marbles in the middle and turn the spinning top, sending the marbles into the holes. Count the points. The marbles that don’t go into the holes don’t count.

Petanque with paving-stones

The same as the traditional petanque game, but with quadrangular balls. The game is playing up to 13 points.


With the help of the catapult, shoot your chips into the bowl. The first player with all chips in the bowl wins.